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What is unique about KANALYTICS services from other media intelligence services?
  • The only Media analytics company covering TV, Print, Online and Social Media
  • Allows you to audit the past, and strategise for the future
  • Proprietary Software
  • Strong technology backbone with international partners
  • Industry and Domain flexibility which allows usage across a wide variety of businesses and by different stakeholders
  • Exhaustive Archiving facilities
  • 24 X 7 access through our onsite customer module
  • Strong team of analytics experts servicing your needs.
What is the Kindex?
  • It is a relative index that measures the SOV (%) of net impressions (positive /negative /neutral) a brand has received on a medium, taking into consideration both qualitative and quantitative factors.
  • Kindex has been created to enable you to track performance at an absolute brand level as well as in relation to competition. It simplifies data interpretation and measurement of impact of action taken.
Can Kindex be used to track and measure an Individuals image?
  • Yes, Kanalytics is an ideal platform to track and measure an individuals image
  • Unlike current Celebrity Indices which have limited reporting and cover only specific genres, Kanalytics provides the opportunity for any individual to measure their own presence in Media
Can KANALYTICS be used to measure impact of a specific event?
  • Kanalytics has the flexibility of measuring impact of any event / activity as well.
  • It can show the growth of event coverage over time and therefore also indicate overall buzz / awareness created before the actual event took place as well as how long it lasted post the event itself.
  • Allows associating brands, event organizers etc to identify what worked, what pegs caught media imagination, competitive event coverage and remedial action that should be taken
How exhaustive is KANALYTICS Print coverage?
  • Current print coverage of Kanalytics analysis includes all National and Regional publications across 20 Key Cities
  • However we can also provide Print coverage that includes any publication across as many markets as is required by your business.
How exhaustive is KANALYTICS TV coverage?
  • Current TV coverage of Kanalytics analysis covers National and Regional News and Business News channels.
  • Additional channels required by your specific needs can also be covered
What is the source of KANALYTICS Online and Social Media coverage?
  • Kanalytics Online and Social Media coverage is powered by a leading global Social Media analytics platform - Moreover Technologies.
  • Our Online and Social Media Analytics platform covers over 300 Mn Websites and Blogs. Includes International Publication websites and Social Media platforms covered include Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Google +.
Can we co-relate the brands media presence and paid for advertising impact?
  • Yes one can Co relate Brand Media presence and Paid for advertising by mapping the brand coverage vs your campaign schedule.
  • The tool allows you to check whether a new campaign, new brand ambassador or new product has got media coverage either planned or unplanned.
  • It also allows you to track consumer responses to your advertising campaign – especially on social media as well as on Print and TV
  • Finally you can also evaluate the extent of coverage your brand has received on a platform and compare this to actual spends the brands has made on the same media platform
Can I subscribe only for a specific service I need?

You can avail of Kanalytics services through any of the following product packages:

  • Full Service
  • Includes Customer Interface software and all reports.
  • Project or Event specific
  • Crisis Management / Crisis Recovery
  • Monitoring Service
  • Archiving Service
Can I subscribe to a service for a limited period of time and what is that time frame?

Different packages for have different minimum durations given the nature of the service and the ability to use it effectively

  • Full Service : Min 12 Months
  • Project or Event specific : Event specific
  • Crisis Management / Crisis Recovery : Minimum 3 months
  • Monitoring Service : Minimum 12 months
  • Archiving Service : Minimum 6 months

For more information regarding KANALYTICS and its offerings, kindly e-mail us at info@kanalytics.in

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