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Integrated Media Content Analytics Tool

Our Integrated Media Content Analytics Tool provides vital insight into past as well as current news coverage related to you, as well as offers a unique perspective on aspects that drive your business strategy.

Essentially, the tool delivers analysis and insights based on detailed analytics of several quantitative and qualitative data. It takes into account several key parameters gathered by your Media Dashboard, such as Share Of Voice, Brand Impressions, Quality of Coverage, Journalist, Publication/Channel/Website, Spokesperson, Geographies, etc. This information is then utilised in partnership with other relevant reach-related data gathered, such as Ad Viewership Statistics, Overall Product/Service Sales Fluctuation, Website Views/Hits, etc.

Our proprietary algorithms, analyse this seemingly large quantum of information to deliver easy-to-understand, 24x7 on demand access to media insights (via Analytics Reports) through this Integrated Media Analytics Tool. It's the ideal way to access a wealth of new perspectives at your fingertips, providing you with information that is relevant to your branding, advertising, marketing, and PR strategies.

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Product highlights

  • Executive reporting on a daily, weekly and monthly basis
  • Detailed analytics capabilities that enable better decision making
  • Customised media intelligence across mediums based on your specific needs and plans
  • Easy-to-use interface that delivers aesthetic info-graphics
  • International and domestic data analytics
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