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Media Dashboard

Media Dashboard is the ultimate integrated media research and review tool. This easy-to-use media intelligence tool enables you to seamlessly access and review a host of coverage that is relevant to you across mediums - on the air, in print and online.

Media Dashboard effectively taps into television programming across 80 channels, print newsfeed across 26 cities, and over 300+ million websites and blogs (including all social media brands such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube etc.) to bring you the freshest and most relevant updates direct to your inbox on a daily basis.

With this simple tool, you can simultaneously follow multiple topics about you/your company, and even your competition (by defining keywords) across domestic and international markets, in multiple regional languages for 360 degree effectiveness.

Through detailed, system-generated reports, Media Dashboard can provide fresh insight into branding, advertising, marketing strategy, and PR activities; which in turn enables you to make consistently well-informed and timely business decisions.

Keep a watchful eye on the media landscape. Be in the know!

Product highlights

  • Best in class archival and media monitoring services
  • Domestic industry wide analysis and tracks International trends for your category
  • Comprehensive media coverage becoming a single window solution
  • Enables you with a set of relevant quantitative measures
  • Insightful qualitative analysis providing key inputs for future action
  • Allows you to track your brand performance & measure ROI
  • Effectively an invaluable tool in building your Media and Brand strategy

How It Works

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Have us monitor all important media streams for you

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Let our detailed monthly reports give you a 360 degree perspective

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Use our easy and robust analytical tool online, at your convenience

Utilise competition reviews to compare your growth against industry leaders

Let us help you audit your existing communication strategy

Create and print customised charts, tables and reports

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