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Proprietary Software

KANALYTICS is one of the most advanced proprietary softwares in the field of Media Analytics, with a user interface that is extremely easy to operate. This tool is highly efficient at processing, gathering and reporting relevant media analytics data; integrating video, print, radio and internet feeds (including social media feeds) for your convenience.

Audit The Past, And Strategise For The Future.

Integrated Media Analytics Solutions

Our integrated media analytics solution is the ideal tool to help you understand the correlation between each Rupee spent and the real impact of each CC / second / pixel utilised to spread your message. This powerful tool can bring to the forefront vital historical and current data, to ensure that every Rupee you spend in future is a Rupee thoroughly well spent.

Leading The Way Technologically.

International Affiliations

Media Gathering and MAM (Media Asset Management) are technology-led solutions. To create a unique offering that could manage data in a better way, we chose to tie-up with some of the world's leaders in this domain. Our partners in business are international technology and global leaders. We are happy to be the first company in India to have taken this one-of-a-kind leap into integrated media analytics.

Something For Everyone

Industry & Domain Flexibility

Our seamlessly integrated solutions are built with customisation in mind. The flexibility we have integrated into our systems and processes makes our tool suitable for use across a large number of industries. All levels of Management (those who guide the destiny of a brand) can leverage the benefits of our offerings to achieve business goals; be they in Advertising (brand-building), Media or Public Relations, an individual, business person, celebrity, event co-ordinator, government department, public figure, etc.

Record. Rewind. Replay.

Superior Data Archival System

Our easy-to-use admin dashboard allows you access to an exhaustive collection of historical data mined exactly to your specifications. Historical archives of relevant news updates and media analytics reports are maintained for extensive periods of time. This includes heavy files such as TV clips and high-resolution print files. All the information you could ever need is delivered to you as and when you need it.

Information On Demand.

24x7 Online Accessibility

Our media analytics tool is ready and waiting for you whenever you may require it. Your Dashboard can be easily accessed 24x7x365 to review global news alerts, to create and print customised data analytics reports for discussion at the next Board Meeting, or to tap into relevant insights routed to your inbox before you even reach office. The power of information is truly at your fingertips.

Team Expertise Is Team Strength.

Dedicated Analytics & Servicing Team

When you sign up with us, you sign up for an experience that spells professionalism, delivery and in-depth media analytics expertise. Connect with your dedicated client servicing executive to update your specifications into the system. Consult with an Analytics Advisor to discover specific media insights from data gathered for you. Enjoy the luxury of having a team of experts at your disposal that deliver quality services beyond expectations.

On-the-clock, Round-the-clock.

Dependable Services 24x7x365

In this day and age, assertive, now-is-better-than-tomorrow professionals such as yourself shouldn't have to wait for anything. Be it to gain access to key updates, the day's relevant news alerts or vital monthly media analytics reports that will help you make your next big business decision. Our integrated media analytics tool you everything you could possibly need ... anytime, anywhere.

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