Our Solutions

Data Intelligence

At Kanalytics we unlock data through ML and AI to derive powerful data insights. Committed to a data-driven and information-based approach, Kanalytics offers a wide range of custom-made data intelligence services thereby ensuring the accessibility of business-critical information

Media Monitoring

Using our in-house sophisticated algorithm, we track, gather, and organize mentions from across the media landscape - 2 Lakh+ print articles; 2,000 hours of news broadcast; 1.5M+ web portals; 30+ languages globally, and social profiles across all major platforms

Media Analytics

For businesses it is important to know as to what drives their viewer engagement. At Kanalytics, our customisable dashboard(s) helps us pull together all the media touch points to understand the response to content across media channels. This helps in producing and packaging content to ensure maximum engagement

Sectoral Analysis

Being a repository of large network of primary as well as secondary data sources, helps us analyse millions of data points. We provide our clients with long-term and short-term future outlook of the core sectors (Banking, Automobile, FMCG, Infrastructure, etc) of Indian economy along with an in-depth analysis of the factors – political, economic, social and technological - that affect the performance and profitability of these sectors

Strategic Consulting

We have been working with our clients across industries to help them develop cogent and coherent plans. Using collaborative and analytically rigorous approach we assist our clients with a wide range of strategic issues including market entry, diversification, etc.

360 Degree Communication Solutions

Social Media Marketing & Analysis

We help brands expand their reach through social media outlets – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc – by creating engaging content. Further, we collect the most valuable data these social media channels and draw actionable conclusions for our clients

PR Auditing

The data-centric approach of Kanalytics not only helps brands realise the power of PR but also the gaps that exist. This effectively leads to aligning the communication strategy with the organizational strategy via customised strategies and tactics based on sound, hard data and not merely on gut feel

Policy Analysis

To help decision-makers, our in-house team of experts help interpret past policies. Not only do they focus on historical analysis, a considerable knowledge base focuses on predictive policy analysis forecasting the future states resulting from the implementation of particular policy alternatives

Monitoring Regulatory Affairs

We keep a track of the ever-changing legislation (central as well as states) and accordingly advise our clients on legal and scientific restraints and requirements

Country Reports

Our country reports focus on the important political and economic developments/trends in the specific country. The reports prepared for the decision-makers contain in-depth and ongoing analysis and forecasts of political, policy and economic conditions of the country. This helps them take an informed market entry / investment decision

Media Advisory

We help our clients with media advisories so as to boost media attendance and ensure the broadest media coverage as possible. The focus is on proactively reaching out to journalists and building relationships so as shape client’s news coverage the long term

Geo Analysis

Our in-house strength of geopolitical analysts helps provide for a more holistic understanding of globally important events. Studying interstate conflict in geographic perspective, our analysts attempt to discern the geographical patterns underpinning the politics of the international arena

Political Analysis & Advisory

Our experts have a deep understanding of strategies, operations, policies and investments. The insights and judgements of our experts, across verticals, help our clients navigate the complex market where interplay of politics and economics, business and society is critical to success

Reputation Management

We map out our client’s search landscape in totality to build a customised strategy so as to not only resolve the current issue but also to build an immunity wall against future threats. Our approach, via customised reports, helps client figure out what matters most and use reputation to forge strong relationships

Content Development

Kanalytics boasts of an incredible content team specialising in writing authoritative and innovative content for our clients that inspires, educates as well entertains the audience. We strongly believe that well-written, actionable and shareable content educates readers, spreads word-of-mouth business, and solidifies a brand’s reputation and establishes trust

Customized Solutions

We offer customised solutions based on customers’ requirements

Data Management

We focus on effective data management so as to help drive operational decision-making and strategic planning by corporate executives, business managers and other end users