Track Conversations, Stay ahead of the curve!

Customer Experience

To succeed, it becomes necessary to understand and improve customer experience each day and so, analysing the insights makes the organisation understand how to retain customers

Predictive Analytics

Analytics can help in monitor customer churn and have a clear idea about the marketing mix so that company is aware what kind of products are gaining eyeballs over media

Lead the Way

Analytics allow the automobile companies to see and prepare for the future and discover brand insights. It allows the company to dive into the industry expertise and make better decisions that can help them to improve operations and follow their competitors in order to lead the way among the rest.


The future is bright for Banking, Alleviate the risks & optimize forecasts!

Understanding Customers

Media Analytics provides incredible volume of information, insights & records to help companies have a constant track of their performances & brand metrics which are segregated on the basis of various factors

Data Integration

Bank have unique set of challenges therefore choose analytics to integrate their
data in order to visualize & understand the trends in the market. We, at Kanalytics help Banks to embrace communication & customer experience

Data-Driven Decisions

Financial institutions gets a head-start by getting media insights so that they can track trends & connect with their audience & simultaneously monitor what attracts them


Get Insights!! Prevent Crisis !!


We, at Kanalytics aim to bring the consumer goods experts & retailers to understand how to fit analytics in order to improve the brand in the market and invite more customer engagement by helping them gain better insights


We help you have a better understanding of your consumers using the data available so that you can make your brand lead the way with better strategies for sales, revenue generation, brand loyalty, product development and other department


Combining all the data that gives an insight of what the public demands can enhance the brand functionality and help the brand to plan and interact with the consumers in a better way to stay ahead of the competitors


Manage the reputation, Plan the future!


Monitoring the problems all over the mediums can help the government bodies to understand about a specific issue that is being discussed over the media


We, at Kanalytics allow the Government bodies to create fine strategies so that the stability can be maintained at the time of any risk by compiling data to understand the threats that may come in the future and how they can be managed

Safeguard Reputation

For the Government, its very important to safeguard the party & country’s reputation and keep the foreign relations healthy and therefore, media analytics can help the relevant authorities to know what is being covered the most and how it is being reacted to, further helping the Government to work towards maintaining the reputation


Turn raw data into valuable knowledge, Integrate audience data & analyse your market!

Market Landscape

Understand entertainment landscape and audience attraction by measuring each parameter i.e. music, cast, distribution, box office corporate & others

Predictive Analytics

Media Analytics provides measurement of your audience in order to help you derive predictive insights by integrating your film’s data with customer behavior so that you can target your campaigns or communication effectively & efficiently

Success Rate

Media Analytics allows you to know precise results to judge how successful the movie was. Moreover, it brings together all factors to understand
what influences the earning potential of a movie


Use the data & Tailor your strategies accordingly !


Data available on our dashboard allows you to see what gets covered about your brand across mediums which gives you the insights of your next step, giving you an opportunity to craft your unique strategies


Constant monitoring and analysis of the work can help you keep a track of your company and allow you to understand how to retain the customers, sell products and others, to know how consumer perceptive your company


Data analytics helps you to plan it right by analysing the campaigns and programmes so that you can monitor your results 24×7 and accordingly have new thoughts to engage your customers by segregating the target audience according to their past and present interests and simultaneously manage their feedback.


Manage your operations, Ship the way ahead!


Segregation of data on the basis of various categories like accidents & mishaps, corporate news, CSR, projects and infrastructure, financial strength, human resource, operations and vendors/ contractors and much more, which gives you an insight of where your brand stands in the market.

Data-driven Decisions

Data to make decisions across different areas, with different clients, manage your media activities and functions in the marine industry which helps you to shape your company in an efficient way


Shipping industry sees a growing future in terms of using data analytics for increasing and improving the business. Further, it also helps in being aware about the news related to the competitors and understand how the ports are positioned in the market to make decisions for the future.


Manage your operations, Ship the way ahead!


Telecom is getting smarter. With large customer base, constantly evolving needs & desires, telecom industry has a lot to foresee. Media analytics help the firms to take crucial decisions based on extensive data analytics which will ensure efficient & effective use of their business resources

Customer Retention

Identify the trends & cross selling opportunities to further make decisions. Media analysis will help the firms to identify the brand insights in order to understand the customer’s sentiment, their past experience so that your company can position itself better

Data-driven Decisions

Media Analytics helps in identifying the pattern in customer behaviour in order to predict
customer stir. This will help in informing the decision makers what suitable action they can take