1. Track brand reputation, be ready to engage audiences and stay ahead of risks with media monitoring and information sharing solutions.
  2. Shape media strategies, manage issues and educate teams with media tracking and newsletter capabilities that cover thousands of global sources in 30 languages.
  3. Monitor emerging issues and identify engagement points from the most influential global news sources, filtered with robust search tools.
  4. Compile and share important company coverage with our newsletter builder—or have custom, sharable briefings curated to your specifications.

Coverage of brands, organizations and leaders happens across more channels than ever, which makes engaging with audiences and staying ahead of issues increasingly complex. Monitor media and track brand coverage—even in languages you don’t speak—to ensure that you and your company are aware of the latest conversations. With a global news database and customizable alerting and visualization capabilities, Kanalytics media monitoring and intelligence solutions keep you on top of breaking news and help to generate the insights that shape successful communications strategies. Flexible delivery through newsletters, alerts and our Kanalytics mobile app also keep team members updated wherever they are.


  1. Assess and present brand coverage with easy-to-understand media analytics and news data visualizations.
  2. Power strategic decisions and deliver actionable intelligence with global news, data and insights.
  3. Discover insights with our robust search builder and proprietary coding and metadata to enhance filtering and respond quickly to alerts.
  4. Mine sentiments from a decades-deep content archive while also continuously streaming news into your intelligence tools.
  5. Spot and act on trends with a archived content and highly structured metadata sorted by date, time, categories, industries, spokespersons, journalist, media houses and more.

Providing the insights that drive decision-making and strategic planning requires a rich information source and powerful research tools. Respond to a broad spectrum of research requirements—uncovering opportunities and risks, evaluating market entry and product launches, competitive intelligence and forecasting industry disruptions and trends—with Kanalytics global news database, APIs and research platform. With flexible distribution and integration options, as well as proprietary taxonomy and metadata for precise results, Kanalytics deliver the critical, actionable intelligence that keeps companies and brands ahead of the curve.


Drill down reporting across organizational departments, media houses, journalists, influencers, thought leaders, events, crisis etc. to understand the impact of media. It also helps to decision makers to understand peer’s strategy with the help of comparative dossiers.


Store and share all your visual media assets at one secure place, accessible to all authorised users… Multi scheme, multi brand, multi personalities and franchisee. It helps to ease the process of storing at one centre location and also to share from the same from your fingertip.


KAD is unique tool to analyse Advertisement vs. PR data to demand better Editorial coverage from each media house and keep journos / media houses in check makes you powerful to plan better future campaigns to gain more media visibility.

Customised & Interactive Dashboard

Present critical data, such as industry sentiments and competitor analysis, with easy-to-use chart creation and visualization tools.

An interactive dashboard allows users to act on data instantly with the help of various analytical angles, easily generate & filter reports to decide better, understand issues affecting campaign performances, track competition and understand their campaign performances and take immediate action for non-performing centers and measure brands media impact compared to peers. Customized dashboard will have capability to integrate third party data to ease the process of accessing data for clients. It helps to monitor, analyze, and generate reports from one place in your fingertips.