Media Monitoring 


Today its not about data, but INSIGHTS. Flooding a decision maker with data doesn’t help. Rather worsens the scene. Being a part of media is not your option anymore. Being mentioned in some context is not upto you. Accidents don’t happen because you have been driving wrong. Today, your reputation matters. And Kanalytics helps you in building it.


Insights and Uses

Know about yourself

About your brand, organization, Directors, employees, employee unions, politicians,

Know about peers

About your peers.

Eco system

All news around your industry Regulators, judiciary, Government bodies, influencers, vendors and customers that affect your business

PR Crises inputs

Get actionable tracking throughout the crisis lifecycle

Industry leaders

Scan leaders and what they say

KANALYTICS APPROACH: We customize. We DO NOT push what we do. We give our clients what they need.

Human Filtering

Tailored Formats

Expert Consultancy

Customized Listening

24/7/365 Support