Reputation Analytics


Your corporate reputation is a product of multiple inputs, and communications is an important part of that. Today, companies outperform the financial markets when their reputation is positive. KANALYTICS offers parameters which are measurable, and helps drive the right narrative.

We DO NOT base our life on AI. There is a manual override on all aspects of analysis at Kanalytics.

Manage and Measure Return on Reputation

All Medium Analysis

Multiple mediums does not mean

Sentiment Analysis

Each paragraph is separately analysed. Welcome to the world of deep analysis.

Analysis Timings

We follow the 4 hour content analysis model. We do not believe in sending clients postmortem reports!!! Analysis has to help the client in driving strategies, doing mid-term course corrections, and be on top!

Sensitivity Analysis

KANALYTICS models the relationship between the identified drivers and sub-drivers and share price changes to measure investor sensitivity to news-reported reputation drivers.

Competitive Benchmarking

KANALYTICS allows you to benchmark company and sector performance across reputation drivers to help you plan and evaluate your communications strategy.

Price Exception Monitoring

KANALYTICS monitors the news flow and share price movements to alert you to the stories causing unusual price changes that need to be handled with exceptional care by PR and IR teams.



NLP Based / Manual Sentiment / Machine Learning

Qualitative and Quantitative Evaluation

Customizable and Flexible Formats