Traditional Media Analysis


Today, being in Media is not an option. Its effect on the organization is multi-pronged. Reputation has a disproportionate impact on your overall well-being. Sales, Advertising, Employee morale, In the age of inevitable media visibility, measuring your media footprint is the only way to manage corporate reputation and turn it into a source of competitive advantage.


Media Measurement Throughout The Entire Communications Cycle

All Medium Analysis

We offer actionable INSIGHTS across Offline and Online mediums. On one dashboard, one App. 

A common team works across an industry, with a common understanding.

Thematic analysis

We help you understand the topics driving coverage and their visibility across competitors and markets to develop an effective messaging strategy.

Message analysis

We provide granular insights into the pickup and penetration of your strategic messages and their visibility across markets and media formats to measure the effectiveness of your positioning strategy.

Stakeholder analysis

We analyse your stakeholders’ roles, their media visibility and favorability towards issues or organisations to formulate an efficient outreach strategy.

Peer Analysis

Know all your peers, and the industry well. Compare, and position.

Spokesperson Analysis

What are your leaders saying, within your industry. The context, narrative, topics, media labels etc. What is your trade union talking, your local politician, or the national policies that may affect your eco system.

Media Impact Analysis

What is the impact in media of a message, journalist, publication, TV channel, influencer, academician, politician, TV anchor etc.

Language Analysis

Multi language expertise means no message can be missed.


Human-Powered Analysis / Machine Learning

Media Agnostic Datasets

Qualitative and Quantitative Evaluation

12 Indian Languages and Mandarin. Capabilities exist to expand to German, French, Spanish etc.

Customizable and Flexible Formats